Fall Workshops (2007 to 2010)

In 2007 AACUSS decided to offer its members an opportunity to meet, network, and engage in professional development in the Fall, midway between the summer conferences that highlight the AACUSS calendar.

2010 Mount Allison University, November 4-5, “Professionals: Wellness for Optimal Productivity”. Keynote Speaker: Dr. Barb Fry

2009 Cancelled due to H1N1 complications. Was to be hosted at Mount Allison

2008 Holland College, November 5-6, “Bridging, Learning, and Serving Together.”  Keynote Speaker: Co Presented by Constable John Flood and Constable Stu Leach, “SAFE – School Action for Emergencies”

2007 Inaugural Fall Workshop, Hosted by Saint Thomas University, November 28-29. “Helicopter Parents”. Keynote Speaker: Alison Belyea Geddes