Award Nominations

AACUSS offers five different awards to its membership which are distributed during the AACUSS Conference. To nominate an AACUSS member please complete the nomination form. For full award details and nomination information please click on the awards below:

AACUSS Award of Merit

Initiated in 1984, the Award of Merit is the highest honour the Association gives to one of its members. Presented at the annual AACUSS Conference, the Award of Merit is in recognition of the following:

Significant achievement and distinguished contribution to the development and promotion of Student Services in the Atlantic Region, and Active participation within the Association itself. Active participation is defined as long-standing attendance at annual AACUSS conferences, facilitating workshops, giving presentations and/or serving on the AACUSS Executive.

Application Process:

Nominations shall be in writing and include a nominator and a seconder. Each nomination will be in the form of a letter of support outlining the nominee’s achievements and contributions to student services. Presented at the AACUSS conference, the award consists of a personal plaque and a citation presented to the recipient.

The final decision regarding the selection of persons deserving of the Award is at the discretion of the Awards Committee chaired by the past-president. The Award is based on merit and, therefore, may not be presented every year.

AACUSS Award for Excellence in Student Serivces

The AACUSS Award for Excellence in Student Services will be given annually to a member of AACUSS or their department within Student Services at a member institution that has demonstrated excellence over the previous year. Excellence or exceptional service which would qualify one for this award may be demonstrated through the development of a new initiative beneficial to student life directly or indirectly; through the creative use of human or material resources; or through collaboration between the institution or local community that has enhanced the quality of student life or development.


Current AACUSS members or their departments within student services who have demonstrated exceptional service that is clearly above the normal call of duty, will be eligible to apply or be nominated for this award.

Recipients will have been active AACUSS members for at least one year. Recipients will have been directly involved with the exceptional service or be the individual who spearheaded the initiative.

Applications and nominations must demonstrate that an individual or Student Services division/department has satisfied at least one of the following criteria:

  • the exceptional service or initiative must have enhanced the quality of student life or of the Student Services division/department and thus, the institution in question.
  • the exceptional service must have had a demonstrably lasting impact on the quality of student life at the member institution.
  • Application Process:

    AACUSS members who wish to apply for or nominate individual(s) or department(s) for this award must do so in writing, explaining how the candidate or department meets the criteria for the award and to provide adequate statistical and other information to substantiate the nomination. The committee may wish to verify the validity of the application or nomination with other officers, for example, the Dean or Director. There should be a nominator and seconder for each nominee.

    The final decision regarding the selection of persons deserving of the award is at the discretion of the Awards Committee chaired by the past-president.

    The award will be presented at the annual AACUSS Conference.

    Carol's Creed Carol’s Creed is an annual award, established in 2003 and presented for the first time in 2004, in recognition and remembrance of the outstanding dedication to Canadian Student Services by Carol Jordan, long-time member of the University of New Brunswick.


    Presented to a student services professional who has shown “infectious enthusiasm” for the profession of services to students through a commitment to health, well being, love and laughter in their connection with students and colleagues on a personal level. Nominees should be current or recent student services professionals in Canada.

    Application Process:

    Each nominee must have a nominator and a seconder from a post-secondary institution.

    A letter of support for each nomination shall be provided describing the nominee’s commitment and approach within the spirit of the award. Presented at the AACUSS conference, the award consists of:
  • a personal award plaque and citation presented to the winner
  • a permanent plaque mounted at the University of New Brunswick in memoriam to Carol.

  • Dr. Richard Papenhausen Award for New Professionals This award was established in 2004 and is named in honour of the late Dr. Richard Papenhausen, a long serving Director of Student Services at UNB Saint John, to recognize an outstanding new professional who has demonstrated a commitment to serving students and to the development of skills and knowledge in the Student Services field.


    AACUSS members with at least two but not more than five years experience in a post secondary student services environment are eligible to be nominated.

    Application Process:

    Nominations shall be in writing and must include a seconder. Each nomination shall outline highlights of service and/or accomplishments and reflect the nominee’s energy and commitment to students and to Student Services.

    Presented at the AACUSS conference, the award consists of:

  • A personal plaque and citation presented to the recipient
  • A voucher for the next AACUSS annual conference registration fee to assist the recipient with the costs of professional development. This voucher is non transferable and is valid for the next year’s AACUSS Conference only.

  • The AACUSS Life Membership Award AACUSS members who have retired or moved away from a post-secondary institution in Atlantic Canada and who were outstanding members of the association may be eligible for a Life Membership in AACUSS. Such membership shall be granted to an individual by a vote of the Executive on the recommendation and nomination of a current member of the Association. Life Members shall be exempt from payment of dues to the Association but shall retain all the rights and privileges of dues-paying members, except for holding office or voting.

    Application Process:

    Any member of AACUSS may recommend in writing to the Executive, a retired member or a member who has moved from the Atlantic provinces, for Life Membership.

    The nomination letter must include:
  • Name of nominee, title
  • Description of involvement in, and contribution to, the association (e.g. Executive positions, years of membership, participation and attendance in annual conferences, etc.)
  • A description (no more than one typed page) as to why the nominator feels the nominee is an outstanding member of the Association
  • Two other signatures of support from current AACUSS members.
  • The nomination will be put to a vote by the AACUSS Executive.

    The AACUSS President shall notify recipients and nominators. Presented at the annual Conference, the award consists of:

  • a personal plaque and citation presented to the recipient(s).
  • Life Members shall also receive divisional and general communications and a subscription to AACUSS Talks.(Life members have the right to unsubscribe to these communications at any time).
  • The Executive has the right to either forego a designation or present more than one Life Membership award in a given year.