Go-To Faculty @ Saint Mary’s University

Saint Mary’s University continues to work diligently to increase mental health awareness, mental health literacy and evidence based mental health care on its campus. To this effect, Saint Mary’s University is participating in a study lead by Dr. Stan Kutcher called LIST (Learn, Identify, Support & Treat): A Comprehensive Mental Health Development and Pathway through Mental Health Care for Postsecondary Settings. This study is being conducted throughout the Atlantic Provinces with the participation of six post-secondary institutions.

This study encompasses several components, one of which is the creation of “Go To” Faculty Members on campus. “Go To” Faculty Members are members of the faculties of Arts, Science and Business who have been further familiarized with mental health literacy and ways to identify, listen, support and refer students who are in distress through a specially designed training. It is not uncommon for students to reach out to faculty members or present in class in such a way that demonstrates that they might be struggling. The goal of the “Go To” Faculty Training is to help faculty identify and refer students in distress to the most appropriate resources while also feeling confident in their approach to working with students in distress.

“Go To” Faculty Members will be promoted on campus as being faculty members who are safe to speak to about issues such as mental health. They will not be promoted as being permanent support persons and will not be asked to engage in any counselling. “Go To” Faculty Members will be supported throughout the academic year by a member of The Counselling Centre Staff. The “Go To” Faculty Program will be running on Saint Mary’s campus during the fall and winter semesters. Through this initiative, Saint Mary’s University hopes to increase the likelihood that students who are in distress receive support and focussed referrals to appropriate resources.

For further information regarding the “Go To” Faculty Program, please do not hesitate to contact The Counselling Centre at the information listed below:

Caroline Danis, M.Ed., CCC, RCT-C

The Counselling Centre, Saint Mary’s University

923 Robie Street

Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3H 3C3

Phone: 902-496-8766

Reception: 902-420-5615

Email: caroline.danis@smu.ca