~ Riding the Wave to Wellness ~
A Holistic Approach to our Professional Practice

Keynote – Terry Kelly

Wednesday, May 22nd

Terry Kelly’s passion for life has gained him international recognition as an award-winning singer/songwriter, a renowned motivational speaker, an accomplished athlete, and a consummate entertainer.

As a musician this Newfoundland native has released seven full-length recordings, resulting in seven East Coast Music Awards and nominations for four Canadian Country Music Awards and a JUNO. Terry has shared the stage with Symphony Orchestras, and has performed his own music in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and for the troops in Afghanistan. He is most recognized for his inspirational song “A Pittance of Time”.

A note to delegates from Terry Kelly:

Dear Student Services Professional,

 I invite you to join me, as your keynote speaker, on the morning of Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019, as we "Ride The Wave To Wellness".

 Allow me to celebrate and recognize you for sharing your amazing gifts that nurture, cultivate and instill belief, confidence and vision in the hearts and minds of students of many backgrounds and ages.

I know, from meeting and working with thousands of caring counsellors, mentors, and educators like you over my 30 years plus of presenting in the world of learning, just how selfless you are with your commitment and quest to inspire your students and clients and watch them flourish.  I want to remind you how taking care of yourself first is essential in order to achieve your desire to assist and guide them to reach their full potential. 

Throughout my career I have presented to thousands of guidance professionals, teachers, students, and parents from elementary through to the post-secondary level across Canada and the US. I have also had the opportunity to work in a number of indigenous communities from east to west all across Canada.

Well-being must first be achieved in order to experience wellness. A healthy mind and spirit provide the foundation and building blocks to give health and vitality to a body.

I look forward to giving you and your colleagues an inspiring, entertaining, thought-provoking, and uplifting presentation so you will walk away with a renewed sense of your purpose.

My intention is to provide you with a new mental lens designed to grow and improve the acuity, depth, and breadth of your, what I call, Mindsight.   Unlike eyesight, Mindsight has no limit and is only compromised or diminished by an individual's mindset, desire, and choices.  

I will share anecdotes, songs, humour and easy-to-remember, usable strategies and tools connected to living a balanced, holistic lifestyle.    My intention is to have each of you walk away from the presentation energized with a confident physical and mental posture that will have you reassured and knowing you can be stronger as individuals, as well as being more effective and comfortable in your personal and professional worlds. 

 I'd like to let you know that it's people just like you who have planted and nurtured seeds of hope, possibility, certainty, belief, and knowing in me over the course of my life. Because of dedicated, caring, kind, and firm mentors such as you, I have learned to design, construct, and bring most of my visions to fruition; and, I'm not done yet! 

Please join me for a celebration of you, who you are, all you do, and the amazing treasures and gifts you bring to the garden where students grow. 


Terry Kelly CM, BA, DCL, DFA
Singer/Songwriter / Entertainer / Professional Speaker / Paralympian 

"Celebrate life, energize your profession, and discover what's possible through The Power of the Dream"
Composer of "A Pittance of Time"
Honorary Colonel of 14 Wing Greenwood