Past Award Winners

AACUSS Award Of Merit

2002-Shelley Clayton   UNB

2003-Lillian Beresford   MUN

2003-Marion Morrison   UPEI

2004-Lois Clowater   UNB

2004-Kevin Bonner   UNB

2005-Brian Johnston   MUN

2005-Beth Forestall-Wheatley   UNB-SJ

2006-not awarded

2007-not awarded

2008-Christine Burke   CONA

2011-not awarded

2013-Tom Brophy   MUN

2014-Tamara Leary   MUN

2015-Anne Forrestall   Dalhousie University


AACUSS Award For Excellence In Student Services

2003-not awarded

2004-not awarded

2005-not awarded

2006-Bob Gibson   UPEI

2007-MUN Housing, Food, and Conference Services Staff (Lorilynn Rowsell, Manager)

2008-Kim Kelly   MUN

2011-MUN Professional Skills Development Program for International Students (accepted by Tom Brophy)

2012-Teresa Inacio   DAL

2015-Not Awarded


Carol’s Creed Award

2004-Shelley Clayton   UNB

2005-Jennifer Browne   MUN

2006-Oonagh ProudfootAcadia

2007-Joy Ikede   UPEI

2008-Kim Kelly   MUN

2010-Anne Bartlett   UPEI

2011-Sara Rothman   UNB

2012-Tom Brophy   MUN

2014-Tamara Leary   MUN

2015-Not Awarded


AACUSS Special Projects Grants

2001-Tamara Leary   UPEI

2004-Kris TrotterMt. Allison

2004-Shelly Clayton   UNB

2006-Shelly Clayton   UNB

2007-June HarperHolland College

2011-Jannah Tudiver accepted on behalf of Mt. Allison


AACUSS Research Grant

2007-Shelly Clayton   UNB

2012-Tamara Leary   MUN

2014-Ken Craft   UNBSJ


Dr. Richard Papenhausen Award For New Professionals

2004-not awarded

2005-Tamara Leary   UPEI

2006-Bernadette Kehoe   NSCAD

2007-not awarded

2008-Terry-Lynne King   UNBSJ

2011-Rice Fulle   rUNB


AACUSS Lifetime Membership

Blaine Jensen

Marion Morrison

Brian Johnston