May 21st, 2019

1pm - 4pm (including a nutrition break)


Hosted by the AACUSS Division of Indigenous Student Services and Atlantic Aboriginal Advisors Network, this half-day pre-conference will be a place for indigenous and non-indigenous to learn about the territory that is, Mi’kmaki extending to other provinces and their local populations in the region. During our time together, we will explore conceptual issues around the topic of Indigenous Post-Secondary in the Atlantic region.

The session will be open to all - with a focus on Indigenous ceremony and mindset (l’nuita’si). Elders, Knowledge Keepers, Youth, as well as scholars and other professionals will gather to discuss what contemporary Indigenous Services will look like moving forward at Atlantic Universities.

Learning outcomes of the session:

  • Intercultural Learning

  • Indigenous Higher-Ed

  • Contemporary Indigenous Issues

  • Serving Local Populations Appropriately

  • Data Sovereignty

  • Cultural Identity

Our Facilitators

Raymond Sewell

Pipukwes Latto'law BA, MA is an l’nu from the Mi’kmaq district of Kespek - specifically Ge'gwapsgug. He is a “community bridger” working at Saint Mary’s University in two roles, Indigenous Student Advisor and Religious Studies Lecturer. Ray volunteers on many committees including Neptune Theatre’s Board of Directors and guest lectures and interfaces with many organizations. He is a published poet and a patron of the arts. He is also a traditional instrumentalist as well as performer with an extensive background in music. He is the ACPA2020 Steering Committee Indigenous Advisor.

Ann Sylliboy

Post Secondary Consultant Mi'kmaw Kina'matnewey